Why Choose Healthy Altitudes?

This is Fun!

“The element of surprise made my experience exciting, different, and engaging all while I got to enjoy the view and get fitter” 

– Class participant in Boulder

“The convenience of having this right outside my door got me out of my house and made it very simple to fit a workout into my day. Very innovative and convenient. Thank you.” 

– Class participant in Erie

“Great personal trainer! Loved working with him. Personable and helpful plus he gives good advice about life in general. Very positive!

– Personal Training Client


About Healthy Altitudes

The Movable Studio was developed and built by Gary Gianetti.

Over the last 15 years of working in health and fitness programming, Gary realized there is a need to provide a clean, open, inviting, space to:

 Be Active, Eat Well, and Stay Happy …For Your Life™

Then… The Movable Studio was born.

As a nutritionist, personal trainer, and a Master of Science in Health Promotion, Gary and the Healthy Altitudes team will bring you high quality fitness, food, and fun programs. We do this by providing fitness and fun programs inside and outside of the Movable Studio.

Let us know your needs and we can custom tailor programs to help your team be healthier and happier.

The movable studio team is growing. We started very recently and we are expanding our outreach everyday. If you are interested in joining our team, please contact us. There are opportunities ranging from fitness instruction to event management to program development.