I will personally coach you with over 15 years of experience as a health and fitness professional. I have been practicing community health and fitness with all ages and abilities from novice to expert.


My goal is different than others; I will do whatever I can to help you reach your individual goal. I help you succeed by using science founded principles and providing unbiased informational workouts without selling supplements or other products.


If you can only afford one personal training session or want to buy 10, I will make it worth your investment and you will continue to move forward and see value in the time we spend together.  Service and your success are my priorities. I make myself available outside your session too. If you have questions, want email and text reminders, or motivation, I will help you succeed.


Education, safety, and service are important to me. As a Master of Science in Health Promotion and a Bachelor of Science in both kinesiology and nutrition, I want you to leave smarter, not just fitter. I want you to feel empowered to go workout on your own, without a trainer and to be self sufficient …For Your Life™.


Each session will help you work towards your personalized goal. Sometimes we might even need to go longer than the session time, but I will never charge extra. Your hard work is rewarded. There will be free workouts if you are a valued member and if you work hard. These rewards come to regularly attend sessions and continue to move forward to a healthier lifestyle.


I look forward to being able to help guide you towards being healthier and happier …For Your Life

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Gary  Gianetti is a great personal trainer! Loved working with him. Personable and helpful plus he gives good advice about life in general. Very positive!


Boulder, CO

Gary is an awesome person. He wants only the best for his clients. He goes outside of the norm to help you in any way he can.


St. Louis, Missouri

We had such an great time at this event. Using Healthy Altitudes for a stage was amazing. It provided a more intimate scene than we had experienced in previous years when the stage was located deeper in the grass field.


Erie, Colorado

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