Fit Camp

What is Fit Camp?

Cycling, Core, Strength, Suspense, Fun

Like Bootcamp


No Boots and More Fun!

The Fitstop at Healthy Altitudes 600 tall

Work hard, feel great, and get results. Bring an open mind to learn fun facts, smile, and leave smarter and healthier than when you arrived.

Each month there will be a monthly workout plan to improve your fitness over time. At the start of each month we will reset and create personalized action plans to get you motivated for the month ahead. You can see what the upcoming calendar will look like below.

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Suspension and Agility

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The Healthy Altitudes Movable Studio

Studio Cycling



Every workout is different and will include a variety of modalities. We deliver these awesome classes in several ways.

  • Studio Cycling – A one of a kind 40 foot trailer built for the sole purpose of cycling better and getting fitter. It’s more than a party or a spin class. This requires about 9 parking spaces and needs to be reserved ahead of time if requested.
  • FitStop – A mobile suspension training system attached to the Healthy Altitudes truck that is used to perform body weight leveraged exercises anywhere. These workouts will also include traditional strength and cardio. This requires a few parking spaces in a parking lot or a nice open field.
  • Fit Camp – This is the Healthy Altitudes version of a “boot camp” except no boots, no yelling and just good clean fun, science, cardio, ropes, kettlebells, weights, plyometrics, mats, and cardio. This is the most nimble of the mobile solutions. It can be delivered almost anywhere with any space.

The Fit Camp Calendar

09/17/2018 - 09/23/2018

Join us for fun fitness at one of our regular locations in Boulder or Erie. Our small group workouts focus on quality and safe strength training, core, and balance, to supplement activities in your lifestyle. You don’t have to be a ‘cyclist’ or ‘runner’ but these workouts will make you faster. All abilities and ages are welcome- we adapt to your goals and needs.

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