What is Fit Camp?

Strength, Core, Suspension Training & More

Get Outside The Box.

Run Faster. Ride Stronger. Be Fitter.

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The Fitstop at Healthy Altitudes 600 tall

What Do You Get With A FitCamp Membership?

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The Fit Camp Calendar

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The Movable Studio

The Movable Studio

A one of a kind 40 foot trailer built for the sole purpose of delivering fitness rain or shine to you or your small group. Fully loaded with equipment, music, air conditioning, and heat. We help you fit in fitness at home or at work. A variety of workouts and personal training available.



We deliver fitness to you with the Movable Studio and The FitStop. Fitcamp will give you access to group workouts online and in person as well as other local discounts.


Run And Ride

Join us for group runs and rides as well as “pop up” workouts in person and online. Fitness in the 21st century is mobile. We are too. Access to a coach anytime.

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Simple. Effective. Accessible.

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Want a Workout Delivered?
Contact Us Here

Colorado Has 300 Days of Sunshine – Get Out Of A Gym.

Set a goal. Achieve it. Fitcamp is more than workouts at one location. We will meet you virtually anywhere. The goal is to keep fitness accessible, fun, and effective …For Your Life™. New workouts and locations will “pop up” to enhance your mental health and keep your workouts fun and fresh.

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Join us for fun fitness at one of our regular locations in Boulder or Erie. Our small group workouts focus on quality and safe strength training, core, and balance, to supplement activities in your lifestyle. You don’t have to be a ‘cyclist’ or ‘runner’ but these workouts will make you faster. All abilities and ages are welcome- we adapt to your goals and needs.

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