Be Active-Travel-Eat Well-Stay Happy-Work-Balance

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Be Active-Travel-Eat Well-Stay Happy-Work-Balance

Part 2 of 2

DadFit Radio from Healthy AltitudesSteven Bouchard

Superdad, World Traveler, Athlete

A Podcast …For Your Life™

Steve Bouchard- The Passenger

Be Active – Travel – Eat Well – Stay Happy – Work – Balance

In this podcast Steve will explain ways he does things while he is on the road to Be Active-Travel-Eat Well-Stay Happy-Work-Balance. We explore things you can do to be more productive and Be Active-Travel-Eat Well-Stay Happy-Work-Balance …For Your Life™

Listen in today while you drive to work, take a run, walk around your neighborhood, or just sit in the comfort of your hotel room while you are on the road for work. Each podcast is about 20 minutes long and unedited “for your pleasure”.

We explore topics including:

  • Ways to eat well
  • What to pack to stay active
  • How to be healthy and social at business meetings
  • How to plan activity into a meeting filled day
  • How to get rest
  • Beer or Wine or Whiskey?
  • Where can you go to be active on the road?
  • How do you keep a balance between work and personal lives?
  • What would you tell your children?

Please feel free to be social and share any insight or advice you can to help others Be Active-Travel-Eat Well-Stay Happy-Work better and be more productive while at home or on the road.

These strategies are for everyone. travelers, passengers, businessmen, businesswomen, dads, moms, kids, friends, neighbors, and everyone else that I missed in this description.

Learn something new today to be healthier and happier …For Your Life™ 

Learn Ways To Be Active-Travel-Eat Well-Stay Happy-Work-Balance and Be More Productive. All the things above can be improved upon when you listen to this podcast.

Check out these ideas and resources for ways to Be Active-Travel-Eat Well-Stay Happy-Work-Balance

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