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Grilled Salmon Recipe

Simple and Easy Salmon on The Grill – Healthy Recipe

Simple and Easy Salmon on the Grill Start with the end in mind.  Taste, simplicity, and pairing are the end result of this simple salmon recipe.  Think about sides, read the entire directions below, and get water ready for side … Read More

Thankful, Grateful, Gratitude, and Happiness …For Your Life™

In November people grow mustaches, change clocks, watch sports, and most importantly give thanks at Thanksgiving. Things are a little different in 2020. As you kick off your holiday season and celebrate, think about friendships, coming together, putting differences aside, … Read More

The Power of Positivity

At a time when stress and depression are at a high, it’s more important than ever to be optimistic and practice positivity. Remaining positive in the face of adversity can help people to be more resilient physically and mentally, and … Read More