Are You Busy?

Are You Busy?

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Are You Busy?

Everyone says how busy they are, then I read their social media posts.

I am going to call a big fat Bull Shit! (had to say it- sorry).

Looking around and hearing people always saying how busy they are all the time makes me wonder. They rant and rave saying they can’t find time to be active or can’t afford to do something they really want to do. Heck, I am sure I have said these things too at some point.

My dad used to say, “There’s 24 hours in everyone’s day.” This mantra has been engrained in me, and I strongly believe in it. But, in the work world, other things are significant as well. I once worked with a guy named Bill Murray (not the same one you are thinking of but just as cool) who always reminded me and our staff to maintain a sense of urgency at work. This was essential in showing customers that you were working hard for them and that you had a purpose. How funny is it when you walk in a store and 6 employees are standing around, yet they forget to greet you.

So… How does this all tie together?


This post will provide you with simple ways to prioritize, so you can maximizeAre You Busy? your 24 hours, and you can maintain urgency as you do so. You will find people trying to keep up with you, but you will also realize that you will be able to get more done and be happier and healthier. Because of this, you will find the time to exercise or reach towards earning that extra income you are yearning for, and whatever your goals are.

Prioritize at Work

  1. Efficiency: Maintain urgency- create list, don’t sit around, avoid the gossip game
  2. Ergonomics and office design: redesign it to be efficient, comfortable, and to have structured social time
  3. Purpose: At the beginning of each meeting, highlight the purpose very clearly, this way you can help keep people on track. Bring people back to the purpose if necessary… It’s work- sorry- not always time to be friends at work. You’ve got a job to do.

At Home

  1. See the “work” list so you can efficiently get home at the end of the day.
  2. Take a step back and write down the things that are making you busy at home. Then, next to each item, create a solution that can assist in making you less busy.
  3. Create lists of the home projects and house hold tasks that need to be completed. This can keep you efficient and task oriented. When you have some free time, you can tackle some of the list and start crossing off each task (procrastination is a different topic, but avoid it anyway). You will feel a sense of relief as soon as you cross off an item from your list.

Friendships – Too busy?

  1. Don’t use this excuse with friends. It’s stupid. If you are too busy with work to spend time with a specific person, simply don’t call them a friend. Sorry to be harsh, but we all prioritize friends. Be honest with yourself and use other ways of communication to connect with people if you can’t do things with them. And… whatever you do… DON’T MAKE PLANS AND CANCEL LAST MINUTE. This is a sure fire way to annoy people, especially people with families who are missing time with their children to meet up with you. You might find yourself getting put on their “do not call list!”
  2. If your work takes you away from friends, assess the situation. Is that okay with you? Are your friends from work? Do you and your friends only talk about work when you do something outside of the office? You should focus on becoming less busy with work to make friends with people who are doing something you love – maybe they are at the same gym, join a running group, go to a museum, etc.
  3. Friends are people too. They are just as busy. Respect when people say they are busy, but take a minute to listen to what is making them busy. Is busy ruining their health, can you help them realize their busy life might be affecting their friendships, their health, their previous lifestyle, their family, their work quality, etc.? Being a friend sometimes means being able to offer constructive feedback when necessary.

While I am sure I can go on with these lists and tips, I think you get the point. Busy is a term people love to use as an excuse. It is right up there with some obvious excuses, “Let me check with my spouse,” or “I can’t afford that,” or “I don’t have time”. The bottom line is….

Cut out the sorry excuses, everyone is busy. It is time to step up, be honest, and fit in all that you can. Answer with honest feedback. Be ethical and respectful, but if you don’t have time, still reply to emails and calls without avoiding them. Just make them a little shorter and people will still appreciate you being available when you can and won’t perceive you as too busy to talk to.

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