Healthy Altitudes Fit Camp

500 kcal burned


Level: Hard
Limit of participants

What is The Fit Camp?

It is different than any bootcamp or workout you have done before. This is a 45 minute workout. No two workouts will be the same. We will include a perfect mix of cardio, strength, core, and fun. This is a place to get results, work hard, and have fun with nice people.

What sets this apart from “bootcamps”?

First, we don’t wear boots. Sometimes cycling shoes but never boots.

Every workout will challenge you and you never know what you will use for your next workout. A bike, a rower, a jump rope, a suspension system, or just your body weight. There will be a surprise appearances by the FitStop – Mobile Suspension Fitness or The Movable Cycling Studio and they will be integrated into the workout for the day.

Bring your “A” game.