Simple. Healthy. Clean.

Cooking with Your Coach

In this simple 90 minute online class we will make a snack, a breakfast, and a dinner.

All three recipes will help you 

realize how simple and quickly you can make meals healthy, clean, and delicious.

Who: Anybody who is active with walking, working out, hiking, biking, or playing sports.

What: Join a certified health coach to explore ways to be more successful in your 

own kitchen and …For Your Life ™. This is a cooking 

class that will empower you to make 3 simple recipes to improve and fuel your active lifestyle

Why: Nutrition is at least 70% of any goal to lose weight, feel great, move more, or feel energized.

When: 4:00 PM August 13 th 2020

Where: In Your Own Kitchen 

Via Zoom live from the Healthy Altitudes kitchen

How: Sign up in advance and you will receive a zoom code to this special event and a list of ingredients with the simple and healthy recipes.

Cost: $12 per person

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