Eerie Erie 5K 10K

Eerie Erie 5K 10K Training Tips – Week 7

Eerie Erie 5K 10K Training Tips

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Week 7

7 Tips To Make Your Race Day Better

Read These 15 Tips From Runners World Runners

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This plan, as all plans, is just a recommendation. As with the start of any exercise program, consult with a physician before beginning anything new.

In addition to running, I highly recommend a simple and basic strength training and core training program to supplement your running. Strength training will make your bones, ligaments, and tendons stronger so you can run …For Your Life™

If you have specific questions regarding your training, please contact me. As a certified running coach I might have some tools in my toolbox to help you build a better running style or fitness level.

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5K Tip of the Week


Week 7 – Be Prepared And Have More Fun on Your Run

1. Get Rest. Stay off your feet as much as possible the day before any race.
2. Eat a good healthy dinner the night before with 50% carbs 40% protein and 10% fat.
3. Prepare your gear and lay it out the night before. Read course map, put bib on clothes, plan strategies on course, review weather and dress in layers appropriately
4. Eat a light but good breakfast, Some toast and peanut butter or a banana and toast, keep it lower in fiber and eat at least an hour before a race.
5. Hydrate before your race not needed during a 5k. Hydration is not needed in a 5K and minimal in a 10K if under an hour.
6 Arrive early and do dynamic warm ups. Running, high knees, lunges, side steps, kicks, etc. Here are ideas for dynamic warm up exercises
7. Have fun and run

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Eerie Erie 5K 10K Running Tips

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15 Tips From Runners

Eerie Erie 5K 10K Running Tips

Eerie Erie 5K 10K Running Tips

10 More Tips For Race Day Running

15 Tips For Both Runs from Runner’s World Runners

Keep running at least 3 days per week

( Warding Pattern Ideas in Here)

Include at least 2 days of cross training

Build fitness through training with speed

Keep variety in your running and use a dreadmill when needed

Keep a positive mindset and be goal oriented if running inside

Advanced runners can use the same ideas as beginner runners but do a couple extra sets

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Why Do I Love The Eerie Erie? 

Community comes together for something fun and healthy at Halloween in Erie.

Family, friends, and fitness make everyone happy.

Fitness isn’t always about how fast you run- it’s about fun too.

The Eerie Erie can put it all together for a fast and fun event for every ability level.

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