Happy Pi Day Ride At Endo Brewing in The Movable Cycling Studio

  • March 14 2018
  • 06:15 pm - 07:15 pm
  • 25.00Buy

The Healthy Altitudes Movable Cycling Studio


ENDO Brewing in Lafayette Colorado
Healthy Altitudes at Endo Brewing

Wednesday 3.14 – Pie Day 2018 6:15 PM

It’s about an experience – not a workout.

We will have cycling, fun facts, fitness, and fun… oh and a free beer afterwards. All this is in one location.

AT ENDO BREWING in Lafayette Colorado – We will Workout in The Movable Cycling Studio at Endo

Healthy Altitudes Movable Cycling Studio Erie Colorado January 27th EventTry The New Movable Cycling Studio. An all ability indoor cycling workout will be led by a certified coach, cyclist, world record holder and a certifiable entertainer. Afterwards, everyone can stay to socialize and enjoy the amazing beer that Endo Brewing offers to their friends.

Did you know- After you work hard, have a beer to re-hydrate, get B vitamins, and chromium (all benefits of beer). Your beer is included after this workout.

And if you aren’t a beer person, enjoy good people, good times, good fitness, and I’ll buy you a non-alcoholic beverage of your choice.

Class by Gary Gianetti, MS, Personal Trainer, Health Coach, Nutritionist, and World Record Cyclist

Space is Limited- Payment is Your Ticket to Ride

First 9 Participants Paid Are Reserved – Special Prize for 1st Registered

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Endo Brewing – Lafayette – Healthy Altitudes Mobile Cycling Studio

2755 DAGNY WAY #101 LAFAYETTE, CO 80026

Phone: (720) 442-8052



Healthy Altitudes

Erie Colorado Based Mobile Fitness and Cycling Studio


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    10 participants