Father’s Day Fitness Tips

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Father’s Day and Fitness

Happy Father’s Day!Father's Day

Did you know Father’s Day wasn’t a national holiday until 1972. See more about the history of Father’s Day here. Also, Did you know dad’s go through physiological and hormone changes when they become dads? See more about that here.

As a Father you may already be aware that you have an important job. Being fit should be a very big part of your job. (More Dadfit Tips Here) You need to be able to pick up your kids, chase theme when they run down the street, lift them up onto your shoulders so they can see the concert, and you need to be healthy enough to see your kids grow and watch your hard work pay off.

If you aren’t a father, than you probably watched a father or knew a father growing up. Whether you are a father, or not, I bet you were somehow impacted by a dad. Somewhere you were guided or you watched good or bad dads teach you something on Father’s Day.

Here’s my point: Dad’s have a special role. Dads have to be a good example, a good role model, and a healthy leader. (Learn More with these Podcasts)

It’s not a role that is the same as a mom’s role in a child’s life and Father’s Day should be celebrated different from Mother’s Day. Father’s need to be fit to help Mother’s carry out what they do. Father’s are there to support Mother’s every day. On Father’s Day and beyond, you need to be strong enough to withstand long bouts of endurance. Dad’s need to be healthy enough to help mom’s with tasks of “momming”. That all starts with basic health. You as a dad need basic health to be able to help others. You need to have your own health before you can help others.

So this Father’s Day and as you move into the summer and fall, think about what you will do to be healthier. What will you do to prevent yourself from being the dad with the beer gut. Prevent yourself from being the dad who sits on the couch and teaches your kid that screaming at the TV is how to communicate when “your team” loses. Be the dad who can make a change. Do something healthy for your community. Do something active with your kids. Take time to listen and learn how you can be better.

You are not perfect and you are there to support your family. Think about being healthy so you can do it more effectively.

Here are 5 exercises that will help you be a fitter dad:

  1. Practice exercising regularly (Start with squats, pushups, pullups, and some simple balance exercises) A simple and easy circuit here
  2. Practice patience
  3. Take time for yourself
  4. Balance work and life
  5. Love your family and be there for them

Want to be healthier and balance health and fitness into your life for Father’s Day? 

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