Five Ways To Wellness This Fall

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Five Ways to Wellness This Fall

By Gary Gianetti, MS, CPT

Health Promotion Professional

Fall is a time when we all wear warmer clothes, stay inside, and get ready for winter, sometimes these choices can lead to inactivity, unhealthy food choices, or illness. This brief list explains some simple ways you can stay active and eat well as we approach the fall season that will be upon us in a few days. Stay well, improve your immune system, fight illness, and stay active by taking care of your health and by applying these tips.

1. Spice up your life- Food choices can help your immune system and rev up your metabolism. Add nutmeg, cinnamon, hot peppers, or ginger to your foods and drinks. These spices have been proven to help boost immune function and they taste great.

2. Get out and enjoy the foliage and changing colors of fall- Go walk around your neighborhood and enjoy the trees and breathe the fresh air. Getting outside will help you enjoy fresh air, clean out your immune system with alight sweat, and get you out of the stuffy germs that may linger inside during flu season.

3. Stay social- Take a drive with a friend, call a friend to go for a hike, have a fall harvest dinner party. As you stay social it can also improve your sense of wellness and provide great ways to share your passion for eating well and staying active. Wellness depends on social interaction and love.

4. Plan ahead for cooler weather- Get your wellness on track outside of your body by planning for the colder months. This can eliminate stress as winter approaches and you rush to winterize your car, your house, your boat, or your wardrobe. Book your travel now, not only will it save you money, but it can save you stress.  Stress can be unhealthy an limit your well-being. Plan ahead for the colder months, avoid stress later.

5. Go pumpkin picking- Have fun with your friends and family by walking around the pumpkin patch. Take time to laugh at the different shapes of pumpkins, have a serving of apple cider, bake some pumpkin seeds. All of these healthy eating choices, walking, and laughing can help you stay well through the fall.

Take time this fall to stay active, eat well, and be happy that you have health. Wash your hands, get rest, and drink lots of water as you get out and enjoy leaves, pumpkins, and friends this fall. These five ways to wellness are simple suggestions and can spice up your meals, rev up your metabolism, keep you active, and avoid stress during this upcoming fall season.

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