Health Promotion Model For Fitness

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The Health Promotion Model For Fitness
Are you a smart and busy person looking to stay fit and healthy while having a fun while you workout?
If you answered yes, read all the way to the end of this article.
Health Promotion is a process of enabling people to increase control, and improve their health. The key part of health promotion is to meet people “where they are” and to help them recognize that they can do more to take control of their health. Health and fitness should fit into your current lifestyle so change can be made slowly and effectively to maintain and improve quality of life while not disrupting your daily routine too much.
Here’s an example: Joe is a 40 year old overweight father of two. He is very unhappy with his fitness level and the way he looks in the mirror, and he calls in sick to work frequently because he might have depression and can’t bear to get to work and feel bad there too. Then Joe’s employer starts a wellness program at work to help employees find time during the day to be active and hires fitness professionals to teach fitness to employees at work. His employer starts buying healthy lunch for everyone to make them feel great. Joe decides to participate in the new program and he slowly starts to turn his life around. He starts to feel better mentally, he starts to exercise regularly, and he starts to go home happy. His employer benefits because Joe is happy too. Joe shows up to work more productive and helps build more revenue and has higher self efficacy.
Joe’s employer in the above story met Joe where he was, at work, and gave him control and choice to participate in the health changes (where he spends at least 40 hours per week). The effectiveness of this type of program has been proven to be successful and allows Joe to continue to maintain the current quality of life he has at home with his family. Joe is in control of whether he wants to eat healthy lunches at work and participate in the wellness program. And, just by offering the program, his employer empowered Joe and allowed him to exhibit whether he wants to participate or not.
Health and fitness aren’t things you even need to go to a gym for. You can get fitter in your everyday life right at home, at work, right outside your door, anywhere. The way to work towards better health is to increase your control, power, and knowledge. Add more health into your life every day. Ultimately, you can create healthier routines and lifestyle practices that you control. You are in control of your health and fitness.
At Healthy Altitudes, we believe you have a choice. You can choose to work towards a healthier lifestyle or not. We also believe everyone can find time to be active and get healthier. That’s why we created the Movable Studio. We will meet you where you are to help you add health and fun into your day. We can do this almost anywhere with the Movable Studio. We save you time from driving to a gym because we can bring a mobile fitness studio to you anywhere. Our full suite of cycling and fitness as well as nutrition resources can meet you at work, at your local brewery, or at your homeowner’s association.
Currently, we are using this new model of health and fitness in the Front Range of Colorado. We help people see the value of convenience and fitness together and make people’s lives happier. We believe if fitness is convenient and added to your lifestyle where you are, it will improve your health over time. You can look for small group classes and seminars at a brewery, worksite, or community near you in the year ahead.
Fitness isn’t a quick fix. Fitness can be convenient and added in where you least expect it. That is what the health promotion model does for fitness. You are in control. Start today and work towards better health every day. Take a step in the right direction. Fitness, health, and quality of life are …For Your Life™ not just for a New Year’s Resolution.

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