Healthy Small Business Appraisal

The Health and Success of Your Small Business Depends On Many Things...

We Help Put The Puzzle Pieces Together

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We deliver a personalized approach to help you and your small business get your wheels turning faster. With our healthy small business appraisals, you can get an overview of ways to improve the health of your organization. The best part is that we can offer an affordable approach for small companies of 30 people or less. Other larger companies will charge thousands of dollars monthly. We provide a solution to small business owners at an small business rate. In fact, for a limited time, we will even provide an on-site assessment at no cost. We believe small businesses should be able to be as healthy as larger ones. With over 12 years in private and corporate wellness strategies, we feel confident that we can help you be healthier at an affordable rate. 

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Statistics show a good wellness program pays off – to employees and their companies. One study by the Chapman Institute shows companies with onsite health promotion have on average a 28 percent reduction in workers being absent and a 26 percent reduction in health costs.

Some things that affect your company may include... Revenue, Costs, Time Management, Organizational Efficiency, Ergonomics and Health and Safety of Employees, Happiness of Employees, Balance of Work and Life, and Many Other Factors.

We Deliver Ways To Build







Our Five Step Approach

  • Assess Current State of Your Company Health
  • Determine and Develop Best Practices
  • Implement Programming Needs
  • Analyze Findings
  • Disseminate Findings