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A few years back I listened to some cassette tapes by Tony Robbins. Okay, so I am dating myself here… I can’t recall which tapes they were but I can recall part of the message, “Make it a 10 experience”. I vaguely remember Tony talking about doing dishes and how he disliked the task and never enjoyed doing them after a good meal with family and friends. I mean, really, who does like doing dishes? After you look through the common sense here, he goes on to say it was a “0” experience on a scale from “0 to 10”, or something like that. The exact rating isn’t important here, it is the concept. You can bring change to make an experience better; you can try to “make it a 10” experience wherever you are.

I understand that all experiences can’t be a 10 but all can be ranked on a scale from 0 to 10. This includes daily tasks, weekly chores, or annual reports. Nobody likes every component of their lives, nobody. If they say they do, they are lying. It’s the people who can handle making bad experiences better that live life with a higher and healthier quality. The people who can move higher up the continuum can make it a 10 experience easier. They have a heartiness others can develop through practice and repetition.

Here’s where your mindset and creativity come into play, this is where you get to practice. If you don’t feel you are creative, I did some of that work for you.

Here are 10 ways to get closer to make it a 10 experience:

  1. Listen to music-Any music can make an experience better, try your favorite or something new.
  2. Positive visualization-visualize what you will feel when you are done.
  3. Play the “what if game”- Ask “what if” it isn’t done now. Can it wait? Will it be easier later?
  4. Listen to comedy-Laughter makes everything better.
  5. Share the chore with someone else-Ask and allow others to help. Cut the time in half.
  6. Tackle the hardest part first- Hard then easy the rest will come easy to you.
  7. Put yourself in their shoes- What would the experience be like in someone else’s shoes?
  8. Do something new- New music, comedy, habits and more can help keep things fresh and fun.
  9. Go above and beyond- Do more than is expected and see other people’s positive reactions.
  10. Smile- These can go a long way. Ever notice that you can even hear a smile on the phone?

This partial list of ways to create a better experience will help you have fun while you get it done doing tasks that aren’t always a 10 experience. Remember, not ever experience is a 10 but you can make every experience a little closer to a 10 just by trying to stay positive and thinking about the things that will make you happier. If you can make it a 10 you will be happier which, over time, will make you healthier.

Share what can make it a 10 experience for you.

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