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Mindful Weight Management – Habits + Choices

Mindful Weight Management – Mindful Habits …For Your Life™

By Gary Gianetti, MS

Your Erie Colorado Fitness, Lifestyle, and Health Professional

  1.  Mindful Weight Management Practices.Mindful Weight Management through Mindful Eating
    1. Be Mindful of your habits, calories, exercise, and choices. Mindful weight management habits and cues start in your subconscious. Be mindful of what you do without thinking about it. It takes a while to make a change. Think of examples in your life that have cues that cause you to make habits. (eating near the TV, eating at a sporting event, etc, social drinking)
      1. Think about cues that make you eat- people, places, things
      2. Think about cues that make you drink – when, how much, why
      3. Think about cues that make you move – at home, at work, in exercise
      4. Think about cues that make you stressed – with food, with mood, social settings
    2. Raise your awareness about simple things to make more complex changes. Your brain is designed through feedback loops to save energy and mental capacity. Change takes work.
  2.  Start your day with a plan for you and your goals – Look ahead
    1. Self-weigh – research shows it’s success
    2. Plan your activities for the day- There are 24 hours in every day
    3. Get your journal- research shows this helps create better habits
    4. Use an app- Many free choices. Try one. If you don’t like it, get a different one.
  3.  Believe in yourself
    1. Set a goal and believe you can achieve it
    2. Reward yourself for each “mile marker” not just “finish lines”.
    3. Celebrate success with positive people. Avoid wasting energy with people who don’t care. Top- 5 rule.
  4.  Read and be open to new ideas
    1. Read everything positive. Even if you don’t finish it. It beats social media messages + news.
    2. Listen to new ideas even if they take you out of your comfort zone. Breathe through it.
    3. Find new ideas. With our current technology age- The Google can help. Use key words
  5. Listen to positive self talk and surround yourself with positive perspectivesMindful Weight Management ...For Your Life™
    1. Use podcasts, audiobooks, etc.
    2. Listen to positive talk on walks or your commute
    3. Make your walks vigorous and engaging with an upbeat inspirational tempo.
    4. Talk positively to yourself while you are active and when you are not. Be kind.
  6.  Align yourself with good role models
    1. Look for people you know or seek out people in your community who are supportive
    2. Find positive places to go
    3. Even some celebrities are good role models use them as an example. When was the last time you heard anything bad about Tom Hanks? You have to seek the good people- they tend to be living not seeking tons of negative media publicity in the news.
  7.  Smile and have fun while you get it done
    1. New Challenges can cause anxiety. Take some deep breaths and do them anyway.
    2. Nothing ever comes to people without hard work or conscious thought. Think about activities being fun and they will be more fun.
    3. Bring fun with you. Below are fun facts to share with others. It sure beats political banter…

Some fun facts to help you bring fun to habit changes …For Your Life™  Chapter-Two-Blog-Kill_Bad_Habits_with-Mindfulness

Dr. Gail Brenner’s Facts About Habit Change

6 Short and informative facts about habit change

It takes 66 days to be mindful and change habits- Check out this cool read about it. 

Research related to mindful eating, mindful exercise and habit change for weight management

66 days to behavior change from University of Central London

Control Emotions and be Mindful of Habits Research Short Communication

Another great blog post with more good information

Learn so much more here:

The Google Search Keywords: “research related to weight management habit change

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