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Personal Training in Erie Colorado

Personal Trainer Erie Colorado- Fitness Training and Nutrition

Best Personal Trainer in Erie ColoradoPersonal Trainer Erie Colorado- Fitness Training and Nutrition

What to expect?

An individualized healthy lifestyle approach to wellness and your fitness goals in a non-intimidating fun environment.

How long will it take?

The initial consultation is 1 hour. We will discuss goal setting, compatibility, personal health history, and anything that is relevant to your health. We will also perform some simple exercises to test fitness and set some baseline strength, cardiovascular, and flexibility goals. This foundation building session may take more than 60 minutes to achieve our goal as we work together to address your individual health. The frequency and duration of future individual sessions will be determined from here.

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Where can we personal train?

We can train with you anywhere; at our new private studio called Village Health in Erie Colorado, at your facility (in some circumstances), in your home, outside, at work, or over the web. Flexibility and  modern technology eliminate any barriers between you and your health and wellness goals. We have trained people all over the US and even people in other countries by using web based video conferencing.

Who will personally coach me to better health?Erie Colorado Personal Trainer

The chief exercise officer is Gary Gianetti, MS, CPT. He has over 15 years experience as a personal fitness trainer, fitness director, and advanced health and fitness specialist. His expertise includes rehabilitative exercise, sports performance coaching, nutrition education, lifestyle change, strength training, run and ride coaching, winter sports coaching and conditioning, and balance training and fitness for seniors. Our team is growing quickly and we will also be seeking new talent. If you are interested in joining our team or having your trainer come to our facility, please contact us.

How much does personal training cost?

Each session is catered towards your individual goals and schedule.  Small groups are also an option to share the cost of hiring a personal fitness trainer.

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Pricing will be arranged on an individual basis based on number of participants at each workout and workout location. Please contact us to discuss your individual pricing plan. We focus on building relationships not just numbers. We can work within almost any budget to help you reach your goals.



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