Rogue 2 on the Movable Studio Stage At Healthy Altitudes

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Rogue 2 played a killer set of songs on the Movable Stage at Healthy Altitudes in Erie Colorado. The small community seemed to really enjoy being able to see the band and hear their great songs while they were on stage. The highlight, according to one listener, was their amazing version of the Stray Cats song, Stray Cat Strut.

It was an upgrade, in their opinion, from the “concerts” they play for other HOAs or at bars where they stand under a 10 x 10 tent and hope they don’t get rained on or they share an outlet with a neon sign and play where a 4 top table is usually parked… They said the stage was fun to perform on and it made them feel like rockstars.

In my humble opinion. They are. Thanks Rogue 2. You Rock!

Check them out here: http://rogue2music.com/

Learn More About The Movable Studio Here

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