Self Actualization Can Make You Better

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Today a new leaf turned over. I learned something new. Learning more and self actualization is good for your brain too.

I learned from the eyes of my one year old daughter. I realized at my ripe young age of 37 that we realize our “self” from an even younger age than mine.  Weird, right?

What I am saying is that our behaviors, our habits, and our lives are all developed from a very young age and they can be changed at any age.

As I stood in my bathroom this morning to get ready for the day as Mr. Mom, I saw that my daughter was feeling her new teeth as I brushed mine, she was feeling and looking at her newly developed leg strength as she wobbled around the room, then, to my chagrin; she was testing the waters by saying “no” when I asked her if she wanted to go have breakfast.

The point of the above scenario is that we start “self-actualizing” and becoming aware of our surroundings and “self-empowerment” at a very young age. These behaviors, n matter when they are learned, can help you be happy and feel successful later in life. Learning can happen at any age. I am recognizing this more as a first-hand account as I watch my daughter grow her “self” on a daily basis.

It’s never too late to seek change and to actualize what you want to do and try to be aware of how to reach for your goal. Whether you are 1 or 100, you can learn about your “self” and be a better person.

It is important to think of your health “self” now and make changes for your life. It’s about making changes for your life, not only for an event in life.

Here’s an activity to start with: Look in your mirror. Really stare at yourself. Do you love everything in your eyes? Think of 3 things you can improve. Anything. Fitness, Nutrition, Work, Family, Hobbies, Home Improvement, anything. When you look into your own eyes it is a window into actualizing your soul and goals. We can be complex as adults. Simply and think like a kid. Are you happy? Do you love everything you see? If so, great! If not, Great as well! Everyone can be better. Even if you love everything, you can find three things to improve.

The point of this activity is to start your actualization process. Stop the “busy” in your life and simplify to what brings you joy and actualization of creating your happiness. Start to think about what makes you happy. What do you love about your current self and what do you actually want to do with your growing self?

I know, I know, this is touchy feely ‘Boulder Stuff’ but in reality, this actualization is done all over the world every day with successful people. What you want to do and what you actually do and feel are sometimes different things. Before the New Year comes and you say, “ I am going to…” in the New Year, take a minute to look yourself into the window of your soul and actualize what you can improve now. Don’t wait. It is something you will need to do for the rest of your life so why would you wait until January to start? Your life started years ago. Waiting is procrastinating and putting yourself off for a couple more months. You are worth it, work on yourself now to be a better person and reach towards your goals. Someone who lost 20 pounds recently told me their motivation came from a quote they wrote down and put on their wall.  “If you don’t have 30 minutes a day for yourself, you deserve to be fat.” The tough love approach isn’t for everyone but taking a few minutes to actualize what approach works for you is for everyone.

I hope this helps you find motivation and self-actualization today. It’s not too late. Waiting until January is.

Start now – find your inner 1 year old. Look at your surroundings, feel your teeth, move around, empower yourself, get out and move to be healthier …For Your Life™

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