The Movable Studio Cycling Class


The Movable Studio Cycling Class 54338

Join Us For A Convenient Solution to Fit Fitness Into Your Day

We bring The Movable Studio to you for a heart pumping cardiovascular fitness workout.

We have pulled out all the stops and the music will keep your energy level high for the entire ride. These classes are for cardiovascular fitness and health benefits. This is not designed to be a party. The fun comes from a good workout, jokes along the way, smiles, good people, and even some fun facts.

This is a workout. You will sweat. Please bring a towel, a smile, and some water. We partner with businesses so you will have a place to use a bathroom and change if necessary.

All classes are for all ability levels. We have bikes that are state of the art and can sync with your smartphone and most heart rate sensors. Everyone is encouraged to come a few minutes early to set up and familiarize yourself with the bikes on your first visit.

Did you know... Some of our experiences will even include a free beer afterwards. Click on the locations to the right to select a class.

Bringing you convenient ways to Be Active, Eat Well, and Stay Happy ...For Your Life™

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