Merry Christmas and A Holiday Strength Circuit from Healthy Altitudes

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Strength circuit to keep you strong or to help you get stronger after your run on Christmas or any day#HappyHolidays #BurnChristmasCookiesOff …For Your Life™

A Quick Holiday Strength Circuit

Enjoy this quick circuit of strength exercises after your run today or any time. This will help you develop leg strength and those muscles to help keep your posture when you get tired on a run. Have Fun!

Do 3 sets of 15-20 repetitions and add in some plank sets for additional excitement.

Merry Christmas From Health Altitudes Strength Circuit


Use a small range of motion on dips to protect your shoulders

Perform more sets for more results

Higher volume reps will help you build up endurance in your muscles

Have fun while you get it done- listen to fast paced music to keep the tempo up while you move through the strength circuits

Contact us if you want more ideas to add strength circuits ideas to keep your strength growing.

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