Superbowl 2017 and Success

As you sit down to watch the Superbowl or the big game, think about what got you to the couch:

1. You had to find time in your schedule
2. You had to mark it on your calendar
3. You had to prepare snacks so you can eat while you watch the game
4. You had to call your friends to see if they want to come over
5. You had to make you have a TV to watch it on
Finally, after all that hard work, Now you can sit down and enjoy the game.
Wait- Read this stuff first.

I dive into this topic at this time of the year because it is the same time when people fall “off the wagon” and stop following their New Year Resolution and indulge to watch the Superbowl. So I encourage you to keep strong. Use the same things you used above to keep planning your healthy lifestyle. You put in effort, probably without even realizing it, to watch the Superbowl. Now use the same effort for other things like your health. Make exercise fun. You don’t have to go to a gym. You can get fit anywhere… In fact, start today… Start during the game. Read more to see how.

Okay, I bet you started reading this to see what team I am rooting for, or for some commentary on the game or players… nope. Not here.

I am simply writing this to help you get off your butt during the game. Did you know on average a person consumes over 2500 calories during the game? (that’s the daily caloric recommendation for an average person) Don’t just get up to get another beer or to go to the bathroom (although those are important). Get up to move with purpose. Every commercial break is an opportunity to move a little bit while you watch the game. Here are some ways to move during the game.

– Do push-ups every time a team scores. (Works well if you watch with fans from the other team)
– Do squats every commercial break – set a goal of how many to do and do them as you watch and laugh
– Crunches are a good way to puke up your nachos but also simple to do at commercials in the first half
– Jumping Jacks are the same as above. Save for the first half of the game
– Air Curls- Do biceps curls for an entire commercial. Squeeze your muscles and hold for 30-60 seconds
– Air Press- when your team scores raise your hands high and squeeze your shoulders and hold tight
– Take the long way to the bathroom to get some extra steps

Regardless of what team you are cheering for, I hope you find time to cheer …For Your Life™
You put effort into watch others be active in the Superbowl… now go do it for yourself. The alternative is that you can look like one of those offensive linemen. Keep moving and staying happy by getting out of the gym. Go out and enjoy nature, or hire a trainer to meet you at a local park, or go take a walk, or buy some light dumbbells to use when you are on that conference call. Use the planning skills that got you onto the couch for the Superbowl to plan more activity into your days.

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