Weight Management What Is a Calorie

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Weight Management Podcast Series   Weight Management - What is a Calorie

This is an outline to the podcast series you will be able to listen to here. Please listen to each podcast and click on the links below to learn more about each topic highlighted.  Each Podcast in the series will consist of informative topics related to weight management and scientific evidence based practices to help you be active, eat well, and stay happy …For Your Life™.

  1. What is a Calorie?
    1. Why Calories
      1. Energy is neither created nor destroyed- transferred – Scientific American Article
      2. An object in motion stays in motion unless acted upon by an outside energy
      3. Energy is  an essential part of life
    2. Types of Calories and Dietary Nutrients
      1. Fat– Good fats are good- Learn More Here from FoodandWine.com
      2. Carbohydrate– Sugars, Starches, Saccharides- Glycemic Index + Sugar
      3. Protein– Essential building block for tissue and more
      4. Alcohol- Has a lot of empty calories but still energy
    3. Number of Calories
      1. Calorie Calculator – Mayo Clinic
      2. Increase Calories for weight gain
      3. Decrease Calories for weight loss
      4. Other Factors- Think about your goal
        1. Timing
        2. Social
        3. Mood
        4. Availability
        5. Mindful Eating
        6. Have Fun

Fun Facts and Ways To Burn More About Calories

Learn More: Current 2015 Dietary Guidelines and Calorie Requirements At ChooseMyPlate.gov

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