Why Manage Your Weight and Goals

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Why Manage Your Weight and Goals

Part 3 of the Weight Management Series

Why Manage Your Weight and Goals Mindful Weight Management through Mindful Eating

  1. Several reasons to work towards a weight management goal.
    1. Decrease Depression
    2. Decrease Cadiovascular disease risk
    3. Decrease chances for diabetes complications
    4. Decrease spending
    5. Increase ability to work out
    6. Increase mood
    7. Increase feeling great
    8. Increase feeling accomplished

2. Reach for a goal but…

1.Maintain a laser focus

2.Allow for the distraction factor

3. Allow time to enjoy things you love

3. Write down your successes

1. Take a minute to write

2. Assess your successes and be proud of them

4. Allow yourself to look at the big picture and the details

1. Look at the big picture (but not too much)

2. Review your daily goals and objectives regularly

Listen to Podcast 1 and 3 for a review of the “What” and “How” of weight management. There is more information about what you can do to learn the building blocks of habits and what a calorie is and how to use it.

Why Manage Your Weight and Goals

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Why Manage Your Weight and Goals

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Listen to more podcasts In the next few weeks. They will be part of the same series to address Mindful Weight Management

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