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Work + Employee Wellness

Corporate Health Wellness Services

We offer corporate health wellness solutions for work sites in the Front Range of Colorado including Boulder, Erie, Ft. Collins, Loveland, Broomfield and along the I-25 Corridor.corporate health partners erie boulder healthy altitudes

Our corporate health wellness solutions will make your team have healthier, happier, and more productive lives at work and at home. Our individual fitness services, educational learning series, and health incentive programs will reach people where people spend a lot of time, they are most comfortable, and help them realize their true potential. Alternatively, our small group and large group health programs can provide a great way for your team to work together to get healthier and more productive as an organization.

We employ a concierge style program design, tailored to your individual group culture. It is important to satisfy the needs of your team by reaching individuals’ needs. We focus on high quality programming with a three-step process to make it simple for you to understand and track the success of your team.

Our three-step approach will:

  1. Evaluate and engage your group to perform a needs assessment
  2. Produce relevant health interactions and high quality program satisfaction
  3. Report the success of our interactions and share results with you

The three-step approach coupled with our effective programming can make small changes for one but will lead to significant changes for your entire organization’s health and productivity. As you probably have heard,  healthy minds and bodies can improve your organization’s corporate health wellness and decrease healthcare related costs for your company’s budget. Research shows that organizations offering health programs for their employees have happier and healthier people who have less sick days and injuries on the job. These are all great reasons to start to think about how you can help your co-workers be happier and healthier while making your company more productive.

Corporate Wellness Programs We Offer:corporate health erie healthy altitudes

Lunch and Learn Talks

Incentive Based Fitness Programs

Nutrition Education Seminars

Ergonomics for Your Office Space

Keeping Happy Employees and Healthy Employees

How to Balance Work, Life, and Health

Mobile Fitness Solutions Delivered to You

We look forward to serving you and your team. We can make happier and healthier employee interactions at work.

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